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Pigeons reside in loft of a school in Barry

Pigeons reside in loft of a school in Barry

When a school in Barry suffered an infestation of pigeons in the loft area of their school building. They called upon Rainbow International Cardiff to help clean up the mess that the birds left behind.

Pigeon contamination was evident in the top floor classroom (56 sqm) and loft areas above. Rainbow had to clear the classrooms and erect a tower to carefully inspect inside the loft. Inside the loft were live pigeons and at least 10 dead pigeon skeletons, eggs and surface pigeon dropping contamination.

The clean-up operations consisted of 2 phases. Phase 1 was to vacuum, clean and sanitise – remove pigeon mess and carry out deep clean to structure of classroom and sanitise to remove contamination.

Phase 2 was to access the loft area, provide crawl boards to loft, remove and dispose of all pigeon droppings, evidence and mess. Brush and vacuum walls and beams. Sanitise and treat the loft space.

Then Rainbow International put a preventative measure in place to stop the pigeons re-entering by sealing the gaps in the roof space.

Rainbow Cardiff carried this work out over 2 days with very little disruption to the school and the pupils.