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Rainbow keeps White Horse Inn in prime condition

Rainbow keeps White Horse Inn in prime condition

For more than a century and a half, visitors have enjoyed the hospitality of The White Horse Inn. Here is a traditional, stone built, rendered and whitewashed, English village hostelry with atmosphere and style. Set deep in the Wiltshire countryside, The White Horse Inn is only a short drive by car from the major shopping centre of the Roman spa town of Bath and ideally placed for visiting thriving country towns such as Chippenham, Calne, Devizes, Marlborough and Royal Wootton Bassett.

Over the past 3 years Rainbow International have completed many different services for the White Horse Inn, improving conditions and cleanliness both front and back of house. They were first asked to complete a carpet clean following building works. They have also completed hard floor polishing for the Inn, and since then they have grown into a regular client of Rainbow. Following a recent fire risk assessment they requested Rainbow’s services for a deep clean of their kitchen – inparticular the kitchen grease extraction system. As it had been highlighted to them that this needed to be kept clean to reduce the risk of a fire starting in their kitchen.

Unclean grease extraction systems are the primary risk factor when it comes to fires starting in kitchens. This is becasue flames, sparks or hot gases from cooking can ignite combustable deposits inside the exract ducts. Also it could cause fan motor failure or overheating caused by hardened grease when restarting in non-24 hour operations. It should be remembered that metal extract ducts are good conductors of heat and can ignite nearby building materials or litter. In an old building like this where ducts pass through old compartment walls, it is essential to ensure wet film deposits remain below 50 ohms and that the fans extracting the fumes are in perfect working order and clean.

The technicians attending site started with the exterior extractor fans and exhaust valves. The exterior canopies were removed and pre-soaked enabling access to the fan itself and the housings. The engineers degreased and serviced the fans to keep them in good running order. Inside the kitchen, one of the fan ducts had restricted access due to a large griddle and twin fryers directly in front it. All this area, canopy and ducts were cleaned in line with recommendations in TR19. The stainless splash back was wiped down and the entire floor mopped through. On completion, Rainbow awarded the Pub/ Restaurant with a certificate of cleanliness to last until the next annual clean due date.

This certification is now becoming mandatory with many commercial insurers following the rising incidence of kitchen fires.

Danny Adams the owner of the White Horse Inn commented;

“I was very pleased with the work completed by Rainbow International, Technicians were quick to respond and delivered a good service.”