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Busy Waterfront Hotel Restored to Its Former Glory

Busy Waterfront Hotel Restored to Its Former Glory

When Rainbow International is approached to complete any work, their priority is to ensure safety for all of their own operatives, their customers and the general public. A plan is put together to ensure they can complete the work with as little disruption as possible to their customer, neighbouring businesses/properties as well as the general public. Rainbow also takes full responsibility for all aspects of the work including dealing with local authority permits, if required.

A call was made to Rainbow from Jurys Waterfront Hotel, Brighton, regarding a request for a building clean, to remove encrusted dirt and algae deposits from the façade of their building. Rainbow’s technicians made sure, in preparation for beginning this work, all of the above points were carefully considered and planned for.

One initial issue the technicians experienced was the water supply from the hotel was not adequate for the work that needed to be done. Never to be deterred, they contacted the local water authority and arranged for the hiring of metered stand pipes, which would provide them with the adequate water levels needed.

Busy waterfront hotel restored to its former beauty High access equipment was used to allow the technicians to pressure wash the upper levels of the building. This was a cost effective solution for the customer, averting the need to use and erect costly scaffolding. This is a very practical solution to cleaning ‘hard to reach’ areas, though this cost effective option is not always possible due to health & safety and local authority requirements – something Rainbow would always check before beginning any restoration work.

The specialist cleaning technicians also pressure washed the ground surrounding the hotel, to remove dirt & weeds, which had built up and become overgrown over time. The lower elevations of the exterior of the hotel needed media blasting to remove the dirt and carbon deposits that had become severely encrusted to the surface. Part scaffolding was erected to complete this work to ensure the correct health and safety precautions were adhered to for both the technicians and the general public.

Throughout the whole process, Rainbow worked closely with the local authorities, ensuring traffic and pedestrian controls were correct at all times, avoiding disruption and maintaining health and safety considerations.