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Bio-hazard Clean for United Welsh

Bio-hazard Clean for United Welsh

United Welsh Housing Association had a major problem, when a series of their properties which had been derelict and had run into a major state of disrepair, was due for inspection by the surveyors prior to them being rebuilt.

The row of 5 terrace houses presented a serious hazard area. All the internal rooms were cluttered with so much debris that included needles and broken glass, much of which was hidden in bags and buried in the overgrown garden areas.

Additionally, the properties had been broken into and had all the floorboards removed so that the thieves could remove all the metal and copper beneath.

Rainbow’s office in Cardiff had previously provided some cleaning work for the Association and when asked if they had bio-hazard training, their experience provided the perfect solution to the problem.

All of the technicians at Rainbow’s Cardiff office are accredited to the Response standard, which is approved by the Ministry of Defence, and had 4 of his team working in the properties for a week to make them safe for the surveyors’ inspection.

Making the property safe included installing temporary lighting, placing temporary floorboards, sweeping the internal and external properties for needles, removing all rubbish and debris to approved waste sites.

Barry James, Development Surveyor from United Welsh Housing was delighted with the work done by the Rainbow team. He commented:- “We intended to survey the building however, prior to carrying out the survey we needed to ensure the building was safe. We asked Rainbow to carry out the works as they had previously worked for us.

I was very satisfied with the work they carried out. They were very thorough, professional, and completed the work to time and budget. They found and disposed of far more needles than anticipated and continually updated me on the progress of works. The significant number of needles they found justified using Rainbow’s specialist knowledge.