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It’s raining cows!

It’s raining cows!

Rainbow International gets their fair share of ‘unusual’ instructions from customers and policyholders. One particular ‘unusual’ instruction was received by Rainbow in Warrington when a policyholder called in to request their assistance in restoring their garage after a cow had fallen through their roof and become trapped inside.

When Rainbow technicians arrived the distressed animal had been freed and returned to the farmer that owned it. However the garage was left in disarray with damaged items and excrement everywhere.

The cow had managed to get onto the garage roof from a neighboring farmers field that was behind the policyholders property. The field ends flush with the top of the policyholder’s garage, the fence bordering the field had become damaged which had allowed for the cow to breakthrough this and walk onto the garage roof.

The technicians wasted no time in setting about scoping what works were required, whilst also completing a risk assessment to ensure the right precautions were taken once the restoration and cleaning work began. All attending technicians were required to wear safety boots, overalls, breathing apparatus, goggles and gloves when dealing with items within the garage that were covered in the cows excrement, to ensure their safety.

Once the technicians have removed all of the damaged items, cleaned and santisied the whole area they went about creating an inventory of items that were damaged beyond economical repair to allow the policyholder to continue with their insurance claim.