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Crane collapses and crashes through a property

Crane collapses and crashes through a property

Rainbow technicians help people who are in the midst of very traumatic situations, with restoring their properties back to their pre-incident condition, whether this is following a fire, flood or accident damage in their homes.

One such event was following an accident at a building development site. A crane on the site had collapsed and crashed through a policyholder’s property – whilst the policyholder and their family were in the building. Fortunately the policyholder and their family were unharmed in the traumatic event; however urgent work needed to be done on their property to make this stable, and restore what was restorable from their contents.

When the technicians from Rainbow International in Warrington attended the site, their first tasks were to do a full risk assessment of the property and to assess and inspect throughout the affected areas to ascertain the cause and extent of the damage.

Due to a large section of the building being open to the elements following the accident, it was determined that all electrical items would need specialist restoration and testing to ensure they are safe to be used.

All contents were removed from the property to Rainbow’s storage unit – here the items could be tested, cleaned and restored or disposed of if they were deemed to be beyond economical repair. All laundry & fabrics from the property were also removed for dry cleaning.

In such traumatic events Rainbow technicians work quickly and discreetly to allow for their policyholders to recover their buildings and contents in the quickest possible time.