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Rainbow’s rapid response to fire clean-up

Rainbow’s rapid response to fire clean-up

‘Business as usual’ was promptly restored for East Sussex County Council following a fire at their offices in the early hours one morning. The resulting damage to the building affected 5 floors, and resulted in the displacement of approximately 250 members of staff.

Within one hour of receiving the instruction Rainbow had a senior technician on-site to assess the damage, identify the client’s specific problems and create a plan with realistic timescales and actions, which were agreed with the Council Facilities Management Team.

Within 3 hours, a specialist cleaning team arrived on-site prepared to begin extracting the standing water, which was there as a result of the fire service extinguishing the fire. Once this had been completed, drying equipment was installed to ensure the speedy and thorough drying of the affected areas. A technician team also got to work cleaning and deoderising the smoke damaged areas of the building, restoring this ready for the displaced staff members to return.

Within 24 hours, three of the smoke damaged levels, including the hall, stairs and lift were ready for handing back over to East Sussex County Council for occupation. Meaning the members of staff that were located on these floors could return back to their desks within 24 hours of the first instruction being received informing Rainbow International of the job.

After 14 days the fire affected floors were handed over, dry and with all fire damage restoration completed, ready for refinement work to begin.