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Car Showroom Gets 3 Day Prestige Clean Treatment

Car Showroom Gets 3 Day Prestige Clean Treatment

Rainbow Edinburgh received a call from a construction firm requesting an ‘after-build’ clean to a newly built 5500 sq ft car showroom for Arnold Clark. The building was due to be handed over to Arnold Clark for occupance in 5 days time. Meaning Rainbow Edinburgh would need to work extremely quickly to enable for the showroom to be launched, and the business opened as planned. This was quite a challenge for the team, but one they were prepared to accept.

When the Edinburgh team visited the site to scope out the work that was needing to be done, they soon discovered it was a larger scale job then first anticipated. To achieve the desired results, no surface of the new structure could be left untouched. To add to the challenge, the building work was overunning by 2 days, resulting in the cleaning time for the Rainbow team being reduced to just 3 days.

“I was very pleased with the cleaning and I was particularly pleased with your fast reaction in mobilising your people to return and clear up the snagging. I have passed on your details to our buying department who I am sure will be contacting you in the future.”

The Rainbow Rapid Cleaning team quickly sprang into operation. A scope and plan of works was organised to best utilise the skills of the teams along with the equipment required.

The scope of works included:

  • Soda Blasting of external walls
  • High level cleaning of external metal cladding
  • Power washing the forecourt, mono-block and tarmac
  • All glass panelling and aluminium frames cleaned inside and out including some at high level
  • Over 5000 sq ft of floor tiles swept, vacuumed, agitated and cleaned using the high pressure truck-mount system
  • All office carpets cleaned using the truck mount system • All internal fixtures, fittings and furniture were cleaned by the cleaning team

The work was challenging but after some hard graft and long shifts the desired results were achieved in time. The very next day, the show room was launched and opened for business, to the delight of the construction site manager.

No challenge is too great for the Rainbow team… whatever the problem, Rainbow has a solution.