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Wedding day saved by Rainbow International

Wedding day saved by Rainbow International

Rainbow International Edinburgh sprang into action when a 150 year old castle was in urgent need of Fire Restoration works 2 days before wedding guests were due to arrive for a wedding being held there.

The castle is booked in its entirety for events, so when Rainbow attended every room, corridor and stairwell needed to be restored to its pre-incident condition, ready for hosting the upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

Smoke and soot damage had affected the library, drawing room, dining room, 3 bedrooms and 2 en suites along with the halls, stairs and landings, with all of the building and it’s contents being affected.

A fire and the subsequent soot and smoke damage was caused by residents putting too many logs onto a fire in the library. This caused the fire to get too large, and the chimney was unable to handle the mass of smoke and soot being created, resulting in this mass spreading throughout the castle contaminating a large area. In keeping with the theme and history of the castle the interior is filled with a lot of fabricated items, all of which were in need of being restored to pre-incident condition.

The technicians at Rainbow Edinburgh worked out of hours to ensure all restoration work was completed within the very tight deadline.

A terry towel test was done on all areas of the castle to check for soot contamination, this enabled the technicians to assess the scale of the work, and the extent of the smoke and soot damage. A Quest Air Storm machine was used in all affected areas, this machine removes 99.9% of airborne particles, and is extremely effective when looking to eliminate smoke.

Most of the contents of the castle were able to be restored on-site, however 4 large rugs from the library were removed and cleaned off-site as they could not be cleaned on top of the carpets in the library, as this would not allow for the carpets to dry fully in time for the upcoming event.

Full works were completed within the tight deadline, and all was restored in time for the arrival of the wedding party.

After the works were complete, the customer commented “Thanks to all of the team, everything was perfect for the wedding, I fully appreciate all of your hard work.”