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Fire & Flood Restoration services – together in harmony!

Fire & Flood Restoration services – together in harmony!

Rainbow International were recently instructed to restore a property and its contents following major fire & flood damage caused by the same incident.

Following a blaze at Kelvin Hall, one of Glasgow’s biggest sports arenas, around 11 fire engines, a forward control unit and several police vehicles were promptly at the scene. Grey smoke could be seen coming out of the side of the building as firefighters ran hoses into all four sides of the venue. The fire broke out in the building’s health suite on the ground floor.

Although structural damage was limited, the centre remained closed while the affected area was cleaned and dried.

The work was secured through Glasgow City Council who called Rainbow to visit site and assess the damage, provide an estimate to restore the fire and smoke contamination and water damage to the buildings. Being aware that the venue was in full use and that a snooker legend event was set to take place in just 2 weeks time, Rainbow gave a guarantee that they would have all restoration complete for the event.

Rainbow’s office in Airdrie has an excellent working relationship with Glasgow City Council who have always been delighted with the efficient service Rainbow had provided.

They were therefore more than happy for restoration to commence on the buildings as soon as full access was granted by the fire service.

Restoration was completed well within the council’s deadline and subsequently Rainbow contacted Kelvin Hall’s contents insurers, submitted an estimate to restore the contents which was duly accepted based on the excellent work done previously on the buildings.