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Hazardous Clean Required At Council Property

Hazardous Clean Required At Council Property

Rainbow International Guildford came to the rescue when they were contacted by a local council to complete a void & exit clean of a property. The brief instruction that the Guildford office received stated:

“The works that are required are: void clean and disposal to the house, shed and loft. Clear dog faeces in the garden. Please could you also carry out a flea treatment.”

When the Rainbow technicians arrived at the property to scope out the scale of the work required, they were astounded by the state of the property and the surrounding gardens. Both the front and rear
gardens of the property were littered with discarded rubbish on an immense scale. Inside the vacant property they were met with animal faeces, mud strewn walls, severe mould and a lot of rubbish and
clutter. Full PPE was required at all times for technicians attending the site due to the potentially hazardous nature of the premises and the contents.

The previous tenants of the property had owned 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 vietnamese pigs and 2 parrots, and unfortunately did not properly clean up after these animals. There was also a rat contamination in the loft water tank meaning water was not fit to use for washing or cleaning. It was also found that 2 of the deep freezers discarded in the garden of the property contained liquified remnants of rodents.

Mould was so severe in a number of the rooms that the colour of the paint on the walls could not be deciphered. During the intial risk assessment of the property, it was also found there were exposed and damaged marley tiles on the floor in the lounge. This carried a potential risk to exposure to asbestos.

Access to the property was challenging with a 20mtrs uphill walk from the road to the entrance of the property. However never to be deterred from a tough working environment, Rainbow Guildford had a team of 4 working 2 days to clear the front & rear gardens. Collecting all rubbish and taking this down the 20mtrs walk to their vans, for safe disposal. A further 2.5 days work was required inside the property; stripping, cleaning and decontaminating all rooms. After a total of 4.5 days the property was ready to be handed over to sub-contractors so repair works could begin.

In total 4.1 tonnes of rubbish and contents were removed from the property. The local council representative was very appreciative of the hard work of the Rainbow Guildford team, for getting the works completed in such a thorough and timely manner.