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Heritage Site Restored Following Sauna Fire

Heritage Site Restored Following Sauna Fire

Rainbow International has over 30 years’ experience in fire damage restoration. Over the years fire damage clean-up jobs have taken them to every corner of the UK, and to every type of property. However none so awe inspiring as the stunning Highland Club set on the southern shores of Loch Ness. The Grade A Gothic building had suffered smoke and fire damage following a fire in the sauna within the grounds of the property.

The Rainbow International team in the Highlands were contacted by a local loss adjuster stating “There has been a fire in the Sauna of the property which has caused smoke damage mainly in the pool area and changing rooms. As the property is an old church, soda blasting may be required to remove the soot from the walls and concrete ceiling.” The team were also contacted by a local construction company appointed as part of the restoration project, to undertake the fogging and encapsulation services on their behalf.

A soda blasting technician was in place to begin the soda blasting of the smoke damaged walls to remove all of the carbon deposits from the smoke – however due to the fact that this was a listed building, approval was required from Heritage Scotland before the soda blasting process could begin.

Understandably Heritage Scotland were at first reluctant to allow the soda blasting of the walls. As they were worried this would damage the stonework. Rainbow Highlands were able to reassure Heritage Scotland of the benefits of this technique, and after talking through the process in some detail it was agreed that a small test area of the affected wall could be soda blasted so they could inspect if this did have any detrimental effects on the stonework. Following the soda blasting of the test area, Heritage Scotland were happy that no damage was made to the stone work, and they approved the work to begin on the rest of the affected areas.

Working alongside Heritage Scotland and following their strict guidelines the team were able to complete the soda blasting process with great success. Along with the fogging and encapsulation process, the area was beginning to return to pre-incident condition.

The Highlands team finalised the project with a deep clean to the property. The customer was extremely pleased with the results and speed of the work.

Following smoke or fire damage in a property, the priority is to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible, minimising secondary damage, efficiently and effectively with minimum disruption to the customer.