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Standing water & ‘sludge’ shifted for Cube Housing

Standing water & ‘sludge’ shifted for Cube Housing

Cube Housing Association instructed Rainbow International’s Airdrie branch to attend a block of flats following an arson attack at one of their properties on the 14th floor.

The attack caused fire and soot damage to many neighbouring flats as well as extensive water damage that was caused by the fire brigade extinguishing the fire. Rainbow International were instructed to deal with 7 flats as well as several landings and balconies.

Within 30 minutes of receiving the instruction, Rainbow International had 8 of their technicians on-site. Their main aim at that point was to remove thousands of gallons of water that had been used by the fire crews, as this was causing secondary damage to other flats and communal parts of the tower block.

The sludge and water lying in the burnt out flat was approximately 10 inches deep.

The water on the 13th & 14th floor landings was 4 inches deep and cascading down the lift shafts, thus rendering the elevators unusable. As they were out of use, Rainbow’s team of 8 technicians then had to carry two Ninja water extraction machines, submersible pumps and the remainder of their equipment up to the 13th and 14th floors of the tower block. At the end of Rainbow’s first working day on-site all of the water had been extracted from the affected landings, communal areas and flats.

Fire and water restoration work was then carried out in the damaged flats and communal areas. Work included cleaning and deodorising all affected areas, drying the structure of the building as well as removing and disposing of all the unrestorable contents.

A total of 2.2 tonnes of burnt debris was removed from the burnt out flat where the arson attack took place.