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Major retailer has tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock saved

Major retailer has tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock saved

The recent heavy downpours experienced throughout the UK had caused vast amounts of damage to properties. A major national retailer had fallen foul of this weather when 2 floors of their building were affected by the excess water. These floors housed the storeroom, as well as the shop floor – resulting in a high volume of stock potentially compromised.

Incidents of this kind would usually have a very negative impact on any business. This would be as a result of ‘down-time’ required to restore the property – along with the value of lost stock. Fortunately Rainbow International was on hand to begin work straight away on restoring the store back to pre-incident condition, saving them tens of thousands of pounds as a result.

The business owner of Rainbow International in Bradford has a wealth of experience in fabric restoration. Thanks to this specialism the team was able to triage the situation and quickly develop an action plan to ensure the damage was kept to an absolute minimum. One quick action that was taken was to set up an on-site drying room; this allowed for damp stock to be dried quickly; preventing these being damaged beyond economical repair.

The team also quickly stabilised (within 2 hours of their arrival on-site) the storeroom itself; which contained hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock items. Their quick thinking and actions ensured that none of the stock was affected by the high humidity levels; these levels were above 80% relative humidity (RH) upon their arrival at the site.

Rainbow technicians have a wealth of experience in many forms of restoration. Thanks to the UK wide network of 65 branches, that skill and expertise is available for even the trickiest of restoration projects.

The fast actions of the Rainbow Branch in Bradford meant that disruption to the business was kept to a minimum, and the store was able to open for ‘business as usual’ within 48 hours.