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When you need the right solution – appoint Rainbow International

When you need the right solution – appoint Rainbow International

Part of the ethos of Rainbow International is to not only meet, but exceed customer’s expectations. This was demonstrated perfectly recently when Rainbow International Wakefield Business Owner, David Hawkins, attended a policyholder’s property.

The policyholder had experienced malicious damage when somebody had set alight to their car whilst this was parked on their driveway. The resulting damage caused to the driveway was extensive. When David arrived for his intial inspection visit, it was evident that the oil and scorched tarmac could not simply be repaired and restored with cleaning chemicals. Not to be dettered by the mamouth task of finding a solution David set about pulling together a quote for the loss adjuster and policyholder – expressing his expert opinion of what course of action needed to be taken quickly, to ensure the policyholder’s drive could begin to be removed.

David explained to the policyholder and loss adjuster that because of the coverage of the oil and the damage caused by the heat of the fire – the best, most cost effective course of action would be to take up and dispose of the tarmac, leaving crush/run and hardcore beneath as a temporary driveway. This would ensure the policyholder would no longer be walking oil into their home, This would also be better for the environment, as the chemical needed to wash away the oil cannot be washed into the drains – this would need to be extracted and disposed of correctly.

Once David’s proposed course of action was agreed upon, he went about hiring a breaker and organising skips so the work can get underway. Never one to shy away from hard work, David spent Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and a few hours on Sunday breaking up the tarmac and removing this into the skip. Because of David’s quick thinking and hardwork the job was able to be completed in under 1 week – and saved money for the insurer.

Our expert technicians may not always be able to repair and restore properties, but they will never shy away from offering the right solution to their customers.