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Party plan at Sikh Temple helped by duct clean

Party plan at Sikh Temple helped by duct clean

Trustees of a Sikh Temple contacted Rainbow International requesting a quote for a deep clean of the duct extraction system and canopy in their kitchen. They explained they needed this work doing quickly as there was an important party being held at the temple in 3 days time. Also due to the kitchen being in constant use, it had been quite sometime time since the system was last cleaned, resulting in a heavy build up of materials and deposits.

Within 1 hour of receiving the request Rainbow had a technician onsite to assess the work and put together a quote for the trustees. This quote was immediately approved and a plan was put into place for a team of 2 technicians to attend the site the following day to begin the deep clean.

Before beginning the deep clean of the extraction system the technicians ensured all kitchen equipment and utensils were removed to enable a clear and safe access to the canopy and extraction system. To utilise the time efficiently all of the filters from the extraction system were taken off site to Rainbow’s unit to be cleaned, using their specialised cleaning techniques, whilst the onsite technicians could get to work on cleaning the canopy and extraction system.

By 5pm that day the filters had been returned from Rainbow’s unit, looking virtually new after their clean, and the lead technician was able to put everything back to its original place ready to hand back to the Trustee members. As the work was completed with a little time to spare, the technicians decided to also clean the floor of the kitchen as a token of goodwill to the customer.

Rainbow not only believe and judge themselves on achieving excellent results on each job, they also extend this to providing continued service support. On this occasion the Rainbow team agreed to hold the emergency callout cost for the customer for the remainder of the year, to support the Temple and give them assurance of a quality service, should they require it again.

The Trustees were extremely happy with the service they received, and commented;‘The canopy looks excellent and we are pleased to have employed your services’.