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Regular work at a petroluem plant helps keep the river clean

Regular work at a petroluem plant helps keep the river clean

Rainbow International in Tilbury have been doing regular work for a petroleum plant since 2012. This work includes deep specialist cleans to the plant to ensure it can work to the optimum levels required to not cause any unnecessary damage/pollution to the environment.

Their latest visit to the site was to complete a full clean of their water management system. This system collects all runoff rainwater, fitlers and cleans this water before it is returned to the river – in this case it is the River Thames. The water must be of a very high standard before being returned to the River, which is why it is critical the water management filtration systems are regularly cleaned and kept in top condition.

As always when Rainbow undertake any work full consideration is given to health and safety, with full risk assessments being done prior to work commencing.

Work began at the site pumping all water from the chambers, this water was pumped into vacuum tankers, which would then transport this to licensed disposal sites. Once all chambers were empty, the technicians could begin jetwashing the chambers with hot water to remove all residue and deposits for the chamber walls. Again all run off water from this process was collected and disposed of at licensed disposal sites.

To enable the technicians to clean the filtration system, a crane was used to remove elements of the filtration system – these were then removed off-site for specialist cleaning.

The team experienced slight delays in removing the elements due to windy weather conditions, which would have made removing them using the crane unsafe. However taking into account the slight delays, the full cleaning of the water management system was completed in 4 days.

The continued relationship with the petroleum plant helps to ensure pollution from this site does not make it was into our riverways, and the site can continue performing to the highest standards required.