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20 Fire Damaged Rooms, 1 Technician, 5 Days to Restore

20 Fire Damaged Rooms, 1 Technician, 5 Days to Restore

Rainbow’s disaster recovery technicians are always on hand to restore properties and lives as quickly as possible following a disaster. One such time Rainbow’s core values set them aside from the rest, was following a devastating fire at a secondary school in Wakefield.

Rainbow International Wakefield received an instruction late in the day on a Thursday to arrange a quote for restoration work needed at a secondary school, following a fire. Senior technician and business owner Dave Hawkins arranged with the school to visit first thing on the Friday morning, to inspect and scope out the works required. By lunchtime on the Friday Dave had completed his inspection and submitted his quote to the insurer for consideration; this was done along with the promise that the first machine could be installed that very evening to begin the restoration work. Rainbow’s rapid response to this situation set them ahead of the other companies that had also been invited to provide a quote; meaning without hesitation Rainbow were asked to begin their work.

20 rooms of the secondary school had been affected by a fire that had started when a pedestal fan has been left on overnight in one of the class rooms, and had subsequently caught fire. The need to get the school restored as quickly as possible was vital, as there were exams due to take place in the school building in the coming days.

Of the 20 affected rooms – 10 of these needed odour control work done to eradicate the smell of the smoke from the fire, and 10 of the room, as well as the odour control, they required a full clean-down to restore them back to pre-incident condition.

During the daytime hours the focus was on the rooms that required clean-down works and overnight odour control machinery was installed in the room (4 per evening) – which were able to run overnight to eradicate all smells. This meant they were ready for handing back to the school the following day for reoccupation by the students and teachers.

The finance director for the academy school sent the below feedback once work was completed:

“Thank you for the work that you did for us, it was very much appreciated that we could be ‘back up and running’ so quickly”.

Dave Hawkins, Rainbow International Wakefield quoted “ It was a lot of hard work to get the school restored as quickly as possible following their fire, however I knew it was essential this was done so minimal disruption was caused to the students education programme. A special acknowledgement needs to be given to Edge Equipment Hire who was able to get equipment over to the school the same day so our work could begin”.