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Faulty freezer caused convenience store fire

Faulty freezer caused convenience store fire

Rainbow International Wakefield received an instruction to attend a convenience store that had become engulfed in flames when one of their freezers malfunctioned and subsequently caught fire. The resulting fire damage affected the whole of the premises including their store rooms, toilet and kitchen – along with the shop floor.

First contact with the policyholder was made within 7 minutes of receiving the instruction – within 1 hour the senior technician was on-site to begin the investigation and scope of work. A full report was written up and submitted to the Policyholder and Loss Adjuster within the hour. The technician was then able to begin his work listing all of the items that were damaged beyond economical repair (BER) and disposing of the items in skips. Four 16 yard skips were required due to the vast amount of content that needed to be disposed of.

There was standing water on the shop floor left as a result of the fire fighters extinguishing the fire. The technician installed an EB1400 dehumidifier to extract all standing water and attain the correct moisture levels within the property. With this versatile piece of equipment, complete drying of the property took only 10 days.

Once all BER items were listed and removed and all standing water was extracted and the building dried, this was then handed over to a contractor to begin the rebuilding of the shop fittings.