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Heavy rainfall causes drainage system to flood primary school

Heavy rainfall causes drainage system to flood primary school

The specialist technicians at Rainbow were called in following a flood at a primary school in West Sussex. Following a period of torrential rainfall, the drainage system of the primary school became overwhelmed with the sudden excess of water. This resulted in toilets in the school overflowing with contaminated water. The resulting flooding affected an activity area and two toilet blocks as well as multiple classrooms and corridors, leaving them under two inches of standing water throughout.

Two technicians were promptly on-site to begin their initial inspections. Their course of action was to extract the standing water from all of the affected areas and remove and dispose of the carpets and flooring that could not be restored. Once this was completed the whole area was cleaned and sanitised throughout in preparation for the re-occupation by the staff and students. Once the above had been completed, drying equipment was installed to quickly complete the drying process and restore the school back to it’s pre-incident condition.

Following the timely and successful completion of the flood restoration work, the technicians were packing away all of their equipment when the torrential rainfall started again. This once again resulted in the drainage system overflowing, and subsequently the restored areas of the school being re-affected by the flooding of contaminated water. Not to be fazed by such a predicament, the technicians set about compiling a list of work that needed to be done – pending authorisation.

Once authorisation was received the technicians returned to complete the aforementioned course of action; and once again restore the school to pre-incident condition. Rainbow’s technicians continued to return to the site to carry out further inspections and moisture checks to ensure the drying regime had been successful and there was no risk of secondary damage to the school building.