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Flash Flooding leaves 4ft of water in 1800’s built property

Flash Flooding leaves 4ft of water in 1800’s built property

An 1800’s detached stone built house had probably has to endure a lot in its time; one such event was as a result of recent flash flooding in the area. Following some tumultuous storms the area of West Yorkshire experienced some flash flooding. As a result of this flash flooding the policyholders 1800’s built house was left with 4ft of standing water in the cellar, as well as flood damage to their kitchen and garden.

When the flood restoration team from Rainbow Bradford arrived at the policyholder’s property, they discovered the flash flooding had caused the nearby drain to back up; the resulting excess water had entered the garden, and cascaded down through a floor air grate into the cellar of the property. The initial course of action was to extract all of the standing water from the cellar to begin restabilising the environment.

All contents within the cellar were damaged beyond economical repair (BER) due to the water saturation. The Rainbow technicians were tasked with creating an inventory of these items and then disposing of them in the correct manner. In total the team filled 2 skips with the contents of the cellar.

Once all standing water and contents has been removed the cleaning and santising of the areas began. This was done by jet washing the affected cellar and garden to remove all deposits left by the flooding. Once the area was sufficiently cleaned this was then sanitised to ensure all contaminants were removed.

The Rainbow Bradford team was able to restore the property back to pre-incident condition leaving the thrilled policyholder to be able to begin their redecoration works.