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Factory downtime averted after burst water pipe disaster

Factory downtime averted after burst water pipe disaster

Disaster was averted after the Tanto UK factory, in Weston-Super-Mare, experienced a burst water pipe over the festive period. Thanks to the quick actions of the expert Rainbow International technicians, the clean-up operation was completed without any factory downtime.

90% of the 6000 sq.ft unit was flooded by the water from the burst pipe, meaning the factory floor, the warehouse and the offices were all in need of being restored back to their pre-incident condition.

The local Rainbow branch received this instruction on New Year’s Eve, and proceeded to contact the customer straight away to agree upon a time for them to visit the site and promptly put together a plan of action. This would prevent further damage being caused by the standing water. Rainbow were made aware of the fact that the factory was due to begin production again following the forthcoming bank holiday, so quick actions were needed to ensure this was achievable.

With flood and escape of water restoration being Rainbow’s core service, the experienced technicians knew in preparation what their initial course of action would be upon arrival at the flooded factory. No time was wasted in extracting the water from the affected areas, uplifting saturated carpets and installing stabilisation equipment to ensure the factory could open the following day.

Thanks to the quick actions of Rainbow’s technicians, the area was able to be dried and restored to pre-incident condition in time for the company’s employees to return to work on the Tuesday. Robert Dunleavey, Managing Director of Tanto Labels quoted: “We received a fantastic service from your company, and as a result we didn’t have a single hour of downtime.”