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Deep Cleaning of a new Government Forensic Facility

Deep Cleaning of a new Government Forensic Facility

A major new facility dedicated to forensic science called upon Rainbow International’s technicians to carry out a highly specialised deep cleaning programme within its new state of the art labs.

The Government run Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) is investing in state of the art robotic equipment to perform cutting edge forensic analysis at its world class facility at Sand Hutton, near York. The new facility will expand Fera’s vast range of services which are largely aimed at applying science in protection of food chain safety and environmental health.

Fera’s Facilities Management partner Operon appointed the Rainbow International Lincolnshire based branch to carry out intensive deep clean of 12 of the facilities new labs, to ensure they were free of all possible contaminants.

Rainbow’s Lincolnshire based branch joined forces with Rainbow York, to ensure this job could be done to the highest possible standard in a timely manner. A cleaning strategy was drawn up and technicians wore full protective suits, overshoes and hair nets to prevent contamination of cleaned areas. As each lab was cleaned, full certification was provided to guarantee they were free of all contaminants.

Rainbow’s Project Manager said: “This was a highly specialised job involving the use of cleaning agents specifically developed for carrying out deep cleans. Our technicians completely decontaminated not just the labs themselves but also any ceiling voids; ensuring swab tests were carried out before and after the clean, to demonstrate how the cleaned areas were now totally free of any contaminants.”

“The equipment used is extremely effective in being able to vacuum up even the tiniest of particles and our cleaning solutions are similar to those used by hospitals to eradicate superbugs.”

“Fera and Operon set extremely high standards and we are proud to have been chosen to carry out this vitally important service for their new facility.”

Dean Copley, Operon’s Operations Manager at Fera said: “The laboratories will be devoted to forensic science so it is imperative that all traces of organic matter are removed.”

“This world class facility will use cutting edge molecular technology allied to extensive robotics to ensure a highly efficient and reliable service for its customers.”